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Very badly faded No Cycling sign and an escooter on this bit of scrub near Willow Way, Water Eaton, Bletchley.

Workstand in the covered cycle parking area next to Bletchley railway station. The workstand had no tools and the pump head was missing.

Whole route needs resurfacing to deal with tree route lumps and bumps.

Poor quality narrow bridge with barriers. Needs replaciing to make cycling possible for people on three wheels or tandems.

Sign the cycle route north south along these roads to encourage people to cycle to the town centre.

Major parking issues on Sunday here with lots of double yellow parking "just for a minute". Should be pedestrianised.

Confusing signs here: I can cycle across the road but can I cycle through to Queensway?

Wolverton Station, Milton Keynes

Rail trail Wolverton to Newport Pagnell.

Rail trail Wolverton to Newport Pagnell.

Cycle and foot entrance to the Open University from Ouzel Valley Park, Milton Keynes. Nasty sign telling you to get off the type of cycle-able paths that are common throughout the rest of Milton Keynes.

Cycleway alongside H9 Groveway, Tinkers Bridge, Milton Keynes

Wheelbenders by a shop in Tinkers Bridge, Milton Keynes

Cycleway alongside V8 Marlborough Street, Springfield, Milton Keynes

A severe chicane breaks the universal yellow bollards regime on the Milton Keynes redway network, where a steep descent meets a road.

What a shame these are not brimming with parked bikes! Quite decent well-spaced racks.

Milton Keynes route signs refering to cycle routes aligned with the H and V terminology of the main road network. H and V is perhaps horizontal and vertical. These are pretty hard to relate to unless you know the grid map.

The Road Surface along this section of redway is extremely worn - it needs replacing.

Off your trolley! at Greenleys, Milton Keynes

A wingless route sign at Greenleys, Milton Keynes

Bridleway with an unsigned link to the right to the Milton Keynes cycleway system by an underpass beneath the A421.

Milton Keynes’ redway system. See #34394.

Milton Keynes’ redway system, but very disappointed to see punitive chicanes here.

Milton Keynes’ redway system, but very disappointed to see punitive chicanes here.

Milton Keynes’ redway system, but very disappointed to see punitive chicanes here.

Milton Keynes’ redway system, but very disappointed to see punitive chicanes here.

On E-Scooters: The Government will be debating E-Scooters soon, and my MP Sarah Jones has told me she will be forwarding this solution. Greenpeace agree with this idea. For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians, … [more]

There are large lengths of murder strips on the A509. ie white lines a couple of feet from the curb. When cyclists ride inside these motor vehicles have a tendancy to only see the white line and do not move out to give cyclists space. … [more]

Th eredway ends here. An extended cycleway heading into Stony Stratford town centre is required as this road is narrow and traffic can still be fast despite the 30mph speed limit.

Fast traffic here (despite the 30mph limit) makes it hard for cyclists to turn right at the mini-roundabout when heading towards or out of Stony Stratford

Cycle lane too narrow and often overgrown. More importantly it double white lines so it's illegal to overtake a cyclists doing more than 10mph. If the cyclists actually rides in the cycle lane it encourages a close pass and if they ride in … [more]

It is only a mile or so from the village to Newport Pagnell but the vehicles travel this road fast enough and without consideration to cyclists and walkers so it is little used. Wider path for walkers and cycle lane would encourage car free … [more]

This roundabout is a nightmare for cyclists and needs a safe means of getting round it by bike. Lanes on the approach roads are particularly hazardous. It's on my cycle commute and it's a real "who dares wins" roundabout because of the high … [more]

Why is there no cycleway for cyclists to get safely across this junction? I know somebody who regularly cycled across it (using a folding bike) to access the nearby Coachway. The lane structure over the roundabout is a complete barrier to … [more]

The advisory cycle lanes here are too narrow - narrower than the recommended distance from the kerb that cyclists should adopt, of 75-100cm. They encourage frustration from motorists if you cycle outside the lane. but as they are advisory … [more]

If there was a bridge here, and the track towards it were paved, it would allow easy and safe access for cyclists, pedestrians, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and pushchairs to travel between the largest residential zone in Olney, Emberton … [more]

Whole pathway along road is way too narrow

East Street is a problem for both pedestrians and cyclists as there isn't a continuous footpath and there is no space to widen the path that exists. To make it safer for both pedestrians and cyclists here and across the whole residential … [more]

Close high street during daytime peak hours

There is a cycleway along the A509 here (not the route through Emberton Park). It isn't large enough for people to pass even without social distancing. Last time I rode it I got a faceful of hedge. The alternative route through the park is … [more]

Split stratford rd to allow access only, pushing thru traffic to old wolverton rd, great monks st and grafton st

Lots of people use this footpath to walk and cycle to Emberton Park from Olney. However it is very difficult to cycle there safely especially with small children. This section is a pinch point, with a narrow walkway and constant traffic … [more]

Widening the footpath route around Furzton Lake would be really great.

A redway should be created here

To narrow for passing safely without stepping into road with lots of parked cars

This area is used for recreational walking and has heavy footfall, but is not a wide path, this needs reviewing.

Clean up the path along the road. One side is ok and the over one is badly overgrown

The path the council need cut the grass back so you would be able to see the full path,as a cyclist I’m sick to death of cycling on the bloody grass!

Make the lakes if Furzton, Willen and Caldecotte preferably clockwise walking direction so less people to pass

Adjust the camber so it is flat and not rounded all along this stretch from Tattenhoe through to Emerson Valley white horse drive. I've had so much trouble with my knees and ankles walking on the slant here

Make all cycle redways link up properly and put more signposts up! Simple plus when you build an estate the cycle paths are there and signposted! Please!! I have just put my marker anywhere to get my point through!

Road closure in Milton Keynes - no idea why it had to be blocked to cyclists too.

Deprecated bike share

Deprecated bike share

I think the Santander bike share scheme in MK has been abandoned.

Untidy bikes parked in MK.


An advisory 'NO CYCLING' sign on NCN51 through Central Milton Keynes. Cycling is not prohibited here, if it were then the round no cycling sign would have been used. What this demonstrates is the lack of a sign to suggest that cycles should … [more]

While most sensible places are getting rid of city centre car parking MK is throwing in the towel and building this 1,000 space multi-storey car storage and congestion generator.

It's hard to see in this photo but in the distance there are many pedestrian barriers used as chicanes to deter cycling on this former bike route into CMK.

Faded NCN51 sign, see also #96103

Very poor double decker racks in Station Square, Milton Keynes. One problem seems to be that the upper racks do not lock into position, with the result that they slide back and drop.

Worn-out sign for NCN route 51 on the main bus route in Milton Keynes - very poor planning.

Sign for NCN route 51 where cycling is not allowed.

In a city with lots of decent segregated cycle routes, they've decided to send users of NCN route 51 up a main road with heavy bus traffic.

Cycle parking in Milton Keynes and an arrow for users of NCN route 51 to turn right - but I think they mean straight ahead.

Really? Cars can move freely but bikes can't?

You couldn't make it up - there are plenty of decent segregated cycleways in Milton Keynes, and Sustrans manages to find a route for NCN route 51 on whch cycling is not even allowed! See also #101701.

I'm pretty sure this sign has been turned around the wrong way.

There's an immense plaza in front of Milton Keynes Central station so why on earth they felt they needed to install awkward unpopular double-deck cycle parking I cannot imagine.

The redway system normally has two nicely placed poles painted a bright yellow, e.g. #72502. Those standards have not been kept up at this development. Even the (correctly spelled) graffiti suggests a negative connotation: Public pole … [more]

Cycleway skirts the edge of the coach park with no physical separation from the large turning reversing vehicles.

Annoying CYCLISTS DISMOUNT signs to cross a road!

Milton Keynes Redway system. Curious green on yellow and then yellow on green signage. Some with distances, some without - what a mess!

Milton Keynes Redway system.

The dense bush on the left hides cyclists from traffic approaching this junction in Milton Keynes, see #64450.

Complicated road side signage that seems to suggest motor vehicle storage requires a permit between two one hour periods at each end of the working day. Perhaps this is because this residential estate is within convenient walking distance … [more]

Milton Keynes pernicious signage that suggests that this cycleway is only for the walker, that is backed up by the way the corduroy paving is laid. Also unusual here is the sign that is folded in the closed position.

Milton Keynes pernicious signage that suggests that this cycleway is only for the walker.

Milton Keynes There's a panel shown at #64434 which tries to explain what this facility is all about. When I visited this link on 15 Feb 2015: it redirected to another website: whose main text … [more]

Central Milton Keynes Pernicious signage that suggests that this cycleway is only for the walker.

Central Milton Keynes See #47932.

Central Milton Keynes Rather too densely packed racks.

Central Milton Keynes the sign screams NO CYCLING ON FOOTWAY but this is a cycleway - and that is why they have not used a NO CYCLING sign. Blue signs are advisory, not compulsory, and I view it as an abuse of that principle that they … [more]

The racks outside the library here look like they were an attempt to provide easy secure locking of bikes - provided you had a one pound coin. None of the racks had any keys in them when I visited on a Saturday afternoon. It is not very … [more]

Central Milton Keynes The wonky sign reads: NO CYCLING ON FOOTWAY Petty pathetic signage. If cycling really were prohibited then a No Cycling sign should have been used. These blue signs contribute to division between walkers and … [more]

Central Milton Keynes The car storage payment meters have been placed not quite inline with the existing lamp posts causing significant loss of remaining width of the footway / cycleway.

Central Milton Keynes The car storage payment meters have been placed not quite inline with the existing lamp posts causing significant loss of remaining width of the footway / cycleway.

Central Milton Keynes - isn't this awful? And not just the random capitalization!

The vicious persecution of Milton Keynes's only remaining cyclist continues!

The decaying redway system in Milton Keynes.

Redway blocked by a tight chicane. The alternative here is to have a raised table so that the footway is not angled down and motor vehicles slow down.

Trading estate with a cycle shop, outdoor shop and fitness centre and no cycle facilities

Local industrial estate with no cycle parking facilities

Complete lack of cycle facilities at this recently built local shopping centre, even though a cycle path runs past on the opposite side of the road

Millers Way is a 60mph Road and the T junction with McConnell Drive is very wide. Cyclists have to negotiate 3 lanes of traffic and the vision splay is poorly managed

Really, what is the point of all this nonsense? Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes - more misinformation as a CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign is used on that lamppost rather than a no-cycling. See #47932.

A familiar situation with cycle lockers - no one looks after them properly and eventually they can't remember who has what locker or how to get hold of them, hence these shabby notices.

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